Welcome to www.ExperienceLeMans.com, what I believe to be the definite site for Le Mans posters and memorabilia.

My name is Jack and apart from being an avid tin toy collector, I am also a race nut and I guess that you can call me a freak for the Le Mans 24 Hour race, having been intrigued by this race around the clock from a very young age on.

Over the years I have collected all kinds of memorabilia that have to do with racing, but especially Le Mans, and as I started buying over the internet, I found that there were amazingly few shops that cater for collectors like myself.
As my collection grew and grew, the number of "doubles" logically grew as well and I found the internet to be an excellent "outlet" for these doubles. First mainly selling on internet auctions, I have long abandoned that system due to the lack of trust that I have in those "buyers" (but also lack of trust in the "sellers").
In the end, I decided that creating the right shop with the right collectibles could fuel the passion of fellow collectors and using the enormous network that I have built up over the years, it could also quench their thirst for those elusive pieces of racing history that otherwise might never have come to market and to also enable myself to keep buying larger collections that I wouldn't be able to afford if I wouldn't sell parts of my personal collection on a regular basis through this shop.

As I have lived in France for a year, I speak fluently French which makes my "hunting trips" in the land of Gaul a lot easier and visiting local autojumbles and staying in touch with people from the Le Mans area sometimes offers me the opportunity to acquire really unique pieces of Le Mans history. Not all of these items will end up in the shop as I will always remain a true collector at heart but if something has to go, it has to go to make room for new acquisitions.

I do take pride in investing large amounts of time and effort in a more than excellent product presentation with elaborate descriptions and good photographs so that you know exactly what you will be getting for your precious money.

You can always see what the latest additions to the shop are in the "New Arrivals" section which you can find here: CLICK

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I would like to take this opportunity to point out that I HATE it when I want to order something in a shop and it is unclear how much the shipping will be, or the shipping will be calculated after I have submitted my credit card data (which has lead to some very nasty surprises in the past, also through auction sites!) so I have to decided to offer ALL items in my shop with FREE SHIPPING. This includes secure packaging (posters will "travel" in a sturdy tube for example) and our handling.
That is my gift to you, I hope you appreciate it.

I do offer optional insurance and I would recommend to take this on shipments of "considerable" value. I charge a flat fee of US$ 32.50 for this service which is less than the actual cost. I leave it up to you to do the math if you want to spend this money on insurance or if you take the risk. Please note that insurance also includes track & trace so that you can follow your parcel during its journey "home", something that is NOT possible with the free shipping option.

Last but not least... Yes, I do buy! If you have interesting Le Mans memorabilia to offer, please go to the contact page and let me know what you have, preferably accompanied by good photographs. However, I do expect you to name your price, as after all it is the seller that determines how much he wants for his merchandise and that is what I also expect from you.

Well, that is all I have to tell at this moment but if you have any questions, please feel free to ask them and I will answer them to the best of my ability.

I hope you enjoy browsing ExperienceLeMans.com and would most definitely appreciate your patronage,