When completing your order at our checkout, you will be asked to make a choice regarding shipping. On this page we will try to explain the differences between, and (im)possibilities of, the available options. is located in, and ships from, The Netherlands, Western Europe.

We basically ship to any destination in the world but have made a couple of exceptions due to the unreasonably high fraud rates from those regions.
As a consequence, we do NOT ship to Indonesia, Nigeria, Morocco, Algeria, Bulgaria, Romania or Venezuela. basically offers two shipping options, both are a flat rate so irrespective of the value or physical volume of your order.

The first option is our famous FREE SHIPPING.
We basically offer free shipping on all our items and this includes of course our careful packaging to protect your purchase in transit and the fastest available transport by International Priority Mail.
This is the fastest option offered by the International Postal Services.
In general, deliveries within Europe take less than a week, the USA and Canada take around 16 - 21 days. More remote areas might require more time. Some destinations like South Africa and Brazil are notoriously slow, mostly due to their Customs Services.

Please bear in mind that these are estimates and based on our experience.
Actual transit times may vary both ways and we have no control over them.
There is no tracking available with this option, nor do the Postal Services offer insurance on these shipments.
We will confirm the actual shipping of your order to you and give you an estimate of the current transit time to your destination.

Please consider this shipping option as our gift to you but also please consider its limitations of no tracking and no insurance.

The second shipping option is priced at US$ 32.50 per order.
It is the same as above but includes on-line tracking so you can follow the progress of your parcel through a link that we will provide you and you are covered against the risks of damage and loss.
This option is usually not faster or slower than the first one but the on-line tracking gives you insight into the progress of your parcel and thus offers you a better view of its actual whereabouts.

If the purchase price of your order exceeds US$ 100, we strongly advice you to take the optional insurance and tracking which will provide a lot of peace of mind.

Best regards,